Does the stars ever sleep? Where do they sleep? Where is their home? Do they have beds,how does it looks like? Who wake them up at night? Do they eat? Can they go for a break? Are they as small like they appeared? Oh! I exclaimed how gracious is thy creations, it marvels in our […]

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Pant on the floor Bra on the floor Shirt on the floor Boxer on the floor Sensation speaks in the atmostopher, room dark like charcoal Door locked with it bolt. What is happening?  We are professing love to each other, how? In a dark room nude? Yes Many girls (teens) has been brain washed with […]

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The child that will wear the crown;the star that will shine bright,the child that we console others, the lips that will motivate others,the hands that will cater for millions; now a rage in the street. Negligence: a weapon that has choked the throat of many; talents are neglected in the street; beauty,abandoned for evil men […]



Deep in my heart I’m wounded, I was stabbed with a knife,a right man of my; healing was a barrier that hindered the healing process. A scar was left deep in my heart; ages to come I will forever remember the deep scar; treasures and pleasures I desired,but tragedy was the story. Right hand man;used […]

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​See Why The New State Logo Is Preferred  To  The Former. As written by eval Asikong

An emblem is a combination of images and colours with obvious connotative meanings, reflecting the corporate  identity of an assemblage and tells a pictorial story of a people’s past as well as give a direction of their common destiny. In the case of Nigerian Coat of Arms, the coat of arms  has a black shield […]

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