Governor Ben Ayade Collected 31 Billion Naira from the Federal government and refuse to pay retirees.

Breakdown of federal government largesse;

Bail out funds                       –       7.8 Billion

 Paris club refunds(1)                   –        11.3 Billion

 Paris club refunds(2)                   –        12 Billion

All these monies was meant for salaries, pension, gratuities, local government staffs salaries etc.

Governor Ben Ayade choose to play to the gallery by paying salaries to  un-shortlisted  members  of staffs of Ministry of Justice, Internal Revenues Services(IRS), Cross River Geography Information Agency (CRGIA) plus many other casual staffs of the garment factory and Cross River State Water Board.

For the past few months, Cross River State has been threatened with many strike issues ranging from victimization; gratuities paid to selected people, Non-payment of pension to retirees, violation of rules; placement of embargoes on promotions of workers, Non Application of provision of collective bargaining, unfair treatment of workers, Non observation of condition of work, use of consultants for disbursements and calculations of salaries/allowances should be abolished.

Several meetings were held between the labour union and the Deputy Governor; Prof. Ivara Esu in respect of the above mentioned.

With Governor Ayade’s Dubious attitude, he led the Labour Union to believe, their meetings with the Deputy Governor was as good as meetings with him. (they fell for that. Pity !).

Governor Ayade openly agreed to the Labour Union’s complete request in the presence of the Acting president; His Excellency Prof. Yemi Osinbajo. When he visited Cross River State. And he cleverly schemed the Labour Union out.

No matter how small Cross River state civil service workers may look like, they must have set goals and target at these meetings.

Workers have a right to enjoy good and decent wages with sound conditions of services. The Governor must recognize this.

Lack of good working conditions especially  salaries and promotions are the bogeyman of human economic. Ayade’s Government know that inflation is biting the poor workers because inflation has gone beyond wages so that salaries keep vanishing on pay-day, cost of living sky rocketing by the day. Hunger keeps torturing these workers.

Lack of provision of the aforementioned conditions shall impact on the state’s working condition, hence affect the economy.

This can affect the progress of the state in building new facilities and meeting with growth challenges which shall lead to lack of security in the whole states as workers may betray and uproot the state machineries and institutions to profit wrong people

Cross River State Labour Union are on indefinite strike. The present strike could lead to several months where workers shall not go to work, student will not go to schools etc, such situation may cause many criminal hazard like armed robbery, kidnapping, prostitution, cultism and many bad societal vices.

All Progressives Congress deems it that the tremendous increase in demand for improved working conditions shows that the Ayade led government still and cannot explain to workers that the value given to daily work force must equal wages received.

If Ayade led government doubt the importance of her workers. The government should note that numerous strike actions for improved working conditions cause the loss of several working days – not a small loss for a single state.

All  Progressives Congress are firmly behind the  Labour Union and the party is assuring the Union that All  Progressives Congress is people friendly and Labour friendly. In the event of APC ruling the state. The party assures the Labour Union that all their challenges will be a thing of the past. The party call on the Labour Union to support APC for a better tomorrow . 



Mens Ikpeme

State Publicity Secretary

All Progressives Congress.


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