© Chris Sam
It was a lonely dreamy evening. 

When the shadows where long gone, 

As the Sunset, is replaced by,

The golden rays of the moon.
Sat in a quiet little corner, 

At the trunk of the udali tree. 

Loss in thoughts, as the crickets chipped, 

Amidst constant buzz of the mosquitoes. 

Is Adanne, a free born African princess.
Deep within, as she quietly thinks,

She’d wish a moment with a real Prince. 

None has she met, in all her endless dreams,

Only endless fantasies, as she wishfully sings.
Who can Stand the stinks of loneliness 

She quietly whisper. 

Who can see the emptiness within a loveless life 

She wonders. 

A life without love, is a sad story of a broken unfulfilled dream.
Her story begins where life, becomes a spectacle of a wishful summer dream. 

When birds with colours sings in careless abandon, 

As children gathers around, waiting for endless tales by the moonlight.
To be continued……………..


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