Pant on the floor

Bra on the floor

Shirt on the floor

Boxer on the floor

Sensation speaks in the atmostopher, room dark like charcoal

Door locked with it bolt.
What is happening? 
We are professing love to each other, how?

In a dark room nude? Yes
Many girls (teens) has been brain washed with what they called “Love making” which we all know the true definition as ‘sex’.

Young teens found in pre-martial relationship are captured in the cage of love,believing that love work with sex.

A young lady and a young guy can not profess love with helping each others in times of need but rather they prefer to show love in bed.

Sincerely speaking, any relationship that involves sex without the order of holy matrimony is called fornication ( sin).

Oh yes, you might hear from others that sin is sin, I lied,I insult, I sin yes it a sin, but check the real meaning of fornication in the spiritual book and see the consequence attached to  premarital sex.  

Ninty nine relationships are a clear link of lust not love.

👉Love is not in between your legs.
👉Love is not inside your clothes.
👉Love is not romance.
👉Love is not sex.

To be a back bone to others.
To be a pillar in others people life.
To sacrifice your best.
Love has been replaced with “UST” when the OVE is removed.
Oh thou child of purity and chastity where do thou kept the role model I gave out to emulate thy characters? 
Where is our role model 

Mother Mary?
Where are the virgins in our time?
Many will disagree with me,but the truth is bitter..
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